Main Attractions

Spooky Hayride
Hop on board our wagon shuttle and take a tour deep into the darkness of the Carolina foothills. This 20 minute ride will take you around the entire 12 acre farm. This ride is not intended to be up in your face scary but you still need to be aware of your surroundings and things that go bump in the night!
Haunted Woods and Creepy Corn Maze
You will experience up in your face terror as you twist in turn through our infamous corn maze and haunted woods. This trail features countless live actors and numerous haunted scenes along the way. This trail IS intended to terrorize you and keep you on edge the entire time!

Midway of Madness Attractions

Last Ride
Experience the sounds, smells, and movements of being buried alive in this extreme solo horror experience!
Dead Center Axe Tossing
Do you have what it takes to hit it dead center? Try out your axe tossing skills!
Fork the Farmerís Wife Pitchfork Toss
Test out your pitchfork tossing skills here. Do you have the accuracy needed to fork the farmerís wife?