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Hillside Horror is ranked as one of the best haunted attractions in the Carolinas. Nestled deep in the darkness of the North Carolina foothills, Hillside Horror has a unique ominous setting that cannot be duplicated.

A huge, sinsiter corn maze, haunted houses that will haunt your dreams, and countless live actors are all part of the experience when you fear the difference at Hillside Horror. In all, over one hour of terror!

Hillside Horror is an intense haunted attraction with live actors, pitch black areas, uneven terrain, loud noise, and tight spaces. This attraction is not recommended for folks with health issues (including but not limited to) heart conditions, asthma, mental/personality disorders, sensitivity to loud noises, seizures/epilepsy, claustrophobia, or for women that are pregnant. Patrons assume all risk when they enter the attraction and agree to hold harmless Hillside Horror, its owners, staff and land owners in case of injury, up to and including, death.