Outdoor Haunted Attractions differ from other mass gathering such as sports stadiums, concerts, and movie theaters. Contract tracing has proven that COVID-19 spreads much less being outdoors around people than being indoors around people. We are an outdoor attraction spread out over 12 acres and guests are in small groups and are constantly moving and not sitting in one place for a long extended period of time which drastically limits potential exposure.

Social distancing and COVID-19 safety signage will be posted throughout. Social distancing can easily be accomplished by doing limited ticket sales based on one hour time frames. There will be a very limited number of tickets available for each hour time slot for each night of operation. Tickets purchased for a specific time frame will only be accepted during that time period. Online purchase is strongly recommended as onsite tickets may not be available. When guests arrive in the parking lot they will be given instructions about our socially distanced lines and where to enter the first line.

All lines will have posts every 8 feet and only the people that guests arrive with will be in their “bubble area”. The line will move one post at a time. Plenty of time will be given in between groups entering the actual first scene to ensure groups do not meet up and bunch together during the show. Hand sanitizer stations will be available onsite. There will be specially designated staff to sanitize high touch areas throughout the night. All guests will have their temperature checked when they go through the security check point. All front line staff will use PPE.

Masks will be required by all staff and guests unless the state mandate is lifted. If you you are not wearing a mask we will assume you have a medical condition which makes you exempt. Hillside Horror Staff has completed COVID-19 training and is a registered business on www.countonmenc.org. Our staff has been educated and is following strict guidelines of their own including being screened prior to each night of operation to make this haunt season as safe and socially distanced as possible.