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The Hillside Horror family would like to thank each and every single victim that has come to Fear the Difference with us this year. We are now closed for the season as our monsters go into hibernation until next year. We do apologize for those who were planning to join us for the Halloween weekend as well as our last night due to Mother Nature being unpredictable. Until next year, stay creepy everyone!
Experience up in your face terror as you dare our spooky hayride, terror trail and NC's #1 Haunted Corn Maze as voted by NC Haunt reviewers, ALL for one frightfully low price! Get lost in our 14 foot tall corn, but beware as you are not the only ones out there! Also for the bravest of souls, try the infamous Last Ride attraction where you are LOCKED inside a REAL casket and loaded into the Hillside Hearse and driven off into the dark night! And now, for the first time ever you can purchase your tickets online! Click the button below to buy now and save those precious moments with your loved ones, for it may be your last....
Are you ready to
Please note Hillside Horror is an intense haunted attraction and is not recommended for patrons with heart conditions, anxiety disorders, anyone prone to seizures, asthma conditions, or for women who are pregnant. For your safety, NO running as our trail is dark and has uneven terrain. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK
NCHaunts.com Reviews
"You can't get a better scare for a better price" - Screaming_diana "Make sure to make a Hillside Horror a must see this October!" - packbacker